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Main research:
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Alvarez, Miguel
Angulo, Carlos
Plant Nutrition
Prof. Dr.
Becker, Mathias
Plant Nutrition
Behangana, Mathias
Prof. Dr.
Brüggemann, Nicolas
Greenhouse gases and soil nutrient cycling n.brueggemann[at]
Prof. Dr.
Diekkrüger, Bernd
Hydrology b.diekkrueger[at]
Ermert, Volker
Climate variability, scenario development, malaria modelling vermert[at]
Prof. Dr.
Fiedler, Sabine
Soil Science s.fiedler[at]
Prof. Dr.
Fink, Andreas
Meteorology andreas.fink[at]
Gasore, Rene
Agricultural Systems ergasore[at]
Greiner, Clemens
Ethnology clemens.greiner[at]
Prof. Dr.
Grundler, Florian
Molecular Phytomedicine grundler[at]
Prof. Dr.
Heckelei, Thomas
Economic and Agricultural Policy
Prof. Dr. Hein, Lars Ecosystem Services lars.hein[at]
Prof. Dr. Hummel, Jürgen Animal Science jhummel[at]
Dr. Kalimuthu, Senthilkumar Agricultural Systems k.senthilkumar[at]
Dr. Kessler, Aad Ecosystem Services aad.kessler[at]
Dr. Kiepe, Paul Agricultural Systems p.kiepe[at]
Prof. Dr. Kisteman, Thomas Public Health thomas.kistemann[at]
Prof. Dr. Köpke, Ulrich Organic Agriculture ukiol[at]
Dr. Kyalo Willy, Daniel Economic and Agricultural Policy danielkyalo.willy[at]
Prof. Dr. Langensiepen, Matthias Integration and Modelling matthias[at]
Dr. Leemhuis, Constanze
Wetland hydrology at multiple scales leemhuis[at]
Prof. Dr. Menz, Gunter
Remote Sensing g.menz[at]
Dr. Mghase, Jerome
Agricultural Systems
Prof. Dr. Misana, Salome
Dr. Möseler, Bodo Maria
Vegetation moeseler[at]
Dr. Musinguzi, Moses
Remote Sensing musinguzim[at]
Dr. Neuhoff, Daniel Organic Agriculture d.neuhoff[at]
Prof. Dr. Obando, Joy Geomorphology[at]
Dr. Oyieke, Helida Biodiversity
Pinto, Joaquim
Meteorology jpinto[at]
Dr. Rechenburg, Andrea Public Health
Prof. Dr. Reichert, Barbara Hydrogeology
Dr. Rugege, Denis Remote Sensing

Tiller, Karl Remote Sensing
Dr. Ugen Adrogu, Michael Agricultural Systems
Dr. van den Berg, Marrit Ecosystem Services

PhD students:

PhD project:
Email address:
Alibu, Simon
Maize Production in the Namulonge Inland Valley; Effect of Water Regime and Cropping Intensity on Crop Yield and Nutrient Flows
Amler, Esther
Creating an Inventory of East African Wetlands by usage of multitemporal, multisensor satellite data
Anthonj, Carmen
Wetland-related Diseases, Health Risk Perceptions and
Behaviour in Ewaso Narok Swamp, Kenya

Behn, Kai
Classification, Characterization and Regeneration of Wetlands in East Africa
Burghof, Sonja
Hydrogeology and water quality of wetlands in East Africa
Fanou, Landry Sustainability of agriculture production within wetlands: exploring suitable policy instrument in Uganda landryfanou[at]
Gabiri, Geofrey Modeling wetland Surface & Subsurface Soil Water Dynamics under different land use and Management systems of Uganda and Tanzania, East Africa geofreygabiri[at]
Gebrekidan, Bisrat Haile Economic analysis of land use dynamics in East African wetlands
Glasner, Björn Changes in Soil-Organic-Matter of Wetland-soils in East-Africa according to land-use-change b.glasner[at]
Grotelüschen, Kristina Modelling production potentials and constraints of rice and maize cultivation in East African wetlands for the identification of sustainable and applicable agricultural intensification strategies k.grotelueschen[at]
Hashweh, Layla
Hydrogeology and water quality of Ewaso Narok wetland in Kenya
Heinkel, Sophie-Bo
Applying mental health and “place-based” well-being as local driver for the sustainability of environmental protection activities – A case study of wetlands in Uganda
Kalisa, John
Policy Advice on reconciling food production and environemental protection in Wetlands of East Africa. - A tool for ensuring Policy-Impacting research Results.
Kirimi, Fridah
Delineation and Differentiation of a tropical flood-plain wetland using Multi-temporal, Multi-polarized SAR images; A case study of Ifakara, Tanzania
Koko, Irene The impact of land use change on Ecosystem services values in Kilombero floodplain, Tanzania
Kwesiga, Julius Rice production in the Kilombero flood plain, Ifakara, Tanzania: Effect of water regime and cropping intensity on grain yield and nutrient flows kwesigajulius[at]
Macharia, Jane Development of Flora and Fauna Indicators for Assessing Im-pacts of Anthropogenic Activities hotspots in Ewaso Narok Swamp, Kenya jmwihaki2000[at]
Mwaka, Innocent Contested areas, futile institutions: the New Institutional Economics of rice farming in the Kilombero flood plains latingulu5[at]
Näschen, Kristian Regional scale wetland-catchment interactions in East Africa knaeschen[at]
Nkundimana, Emmanuel Modeling large-scale water, sediment and nutrient fluxes in the Nyabarongo Lower Catchment, Rwanda nkudemma[at]
Opiyo, Erick Omwandho Science-based decision making for improving East-African wetland uses e.omwandho[at]
Othma, Ramadhan Analysis of crop management options to close yieldgaps in lowland rice in Tanzania ramsonking[at]
Schepp, Claudia Dynamics of Matter Fluxes in Small Catchments and Their Relevance for Nitrogen Supply in an Agriculturally Used Inland Valley Wetland in Uganda. s6clsche[at]
Seregina, Larisa Statistical-dynamical downscaling of East African Rainfall lseregin[at]
Treidl, Johanna An Investigation of Gender and Food Security in the context of Wetland Transformation johanna.treidl[at]
Umulisa, Viviane Anthropogenic disturbances and the effects of agrochemicals in major wetlands of Rwanda viviane.umulisa[at]
van Soest, Matian Wetland Agriculture and the Political Ecology of Health: A Case Study from Namulonge, Uganda mvsoest[at]
Wagner, Katrin Impacts of Land-Use Changes on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Wetlands in Uganda and Tanzania k.wagner[at]
Ziegler, Susanne Agricultural use of wetlands scrutinized on sustainability and yield potential – Rice production in the Namulonge inland valley: effect of manure and fertilizer types on yield and nutrient flows sziegler[at]

Master students:

Master project:
Email address:
Akter, Alamgir
Effects of rewetting and different water levels on greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient dynamics of Ugandan wetland soils
Aogon, George
Effects of agronomic practices on carbon dioxide emissions in rice and maize fields at different hydrological positions in a wetland (Namulonge, Central Uganda)
Asige Mweresa, Ian
Estimation of Tree Distribution and Canopy Heights using UAV Photogrammetry and Relative Height Modeling
Asiimwe, Immaculate
Analyzing the Impact of Spatial Resolution from different Digital Elevation Models on Hydrologic Models – A Case Study of the Namulonge Wetland (Uganda) asiimwe9[at]
Bernard, Austiano Yobele
Soil ammonium and nitrate variability in rice fields under different hydrological conditions and selected management options in Ifakara, Tanzania
Bours, Henrik
CropWat Estimation of Irrigation Water Requirements in the Ewaso Narok Swamp in Laikipia, Kenya and Their Influence on Downstream River Discharges henrikbours[at]
Brunnberg, Tilmann Christoph
Pest screening in Kenyan smallholder tomato production: Comparison of occurrence and impact of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) on tomato production in wetland soils at different stages of cultivation s7tibrun[at]
Daniel, Stephen
Characterization of Soil Hydrological Properties in Agricultural Used Transect of the Kilombero Floodplain in Tanzania daniels[at]
Enuru, Thomas
Tracking and Mapping Social Health Impacts in wetlands of Wakiso district, Uganda tenuru[at]
Evenschor, Lena
GIS gestützte Analyse der Klimadaten von Kenia, Ruanda, Tansania und Uganda. levensch[at]
Fuh, Michael
Effects of Iron-toxic Conditions on Contrasting Rice Genotypes at the Reproductive Growth Stages unclemick15[at]
Geißler, Tina
Hydrochemical characterisation of the north-eastern part of the Kilombero catchment near Ifakara, Tanzania tina_geissler[at]
Heinichen, Gesa
Land use strategies, land rights and landuse changes in a northern Kenyan wetland (Ewaso Narok, Laikipia) gesa.heinichen[at]
Heiß, Laura
Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical characterization of the Namulonge wetland s6laheis[at]
Hußmann, Kim
Evaluation of groundwater level measurements in wetland piezometers, Tanzania and Uganda
Innocent, Richard
Dynamics of land use patterns and household food security in Kilombero wetland
Kamau, Philip Ng'ang'a
Assessment of Productivity Performance in East African Wetlands
Klein, Fabian
Effect of Kigali on nutrient fluxes in the Nyabarongo Lower Catchment, Rwanda
Kipkirui, Vincent
Consequences of Illness for Farmers´ Households in Ewaso Narok Swamp, Kenya
Kornelia, Kleissler
Assessment of areal drivers and pressures determining wetland degradation in East Africa
Krohm, Yasmin
Seasonal soil N dynamics and contribution of valley slopes to matter fluxes in wetlands of Uganda s6yakroh[at]
Liedtke, Katharina Geochemical and hydrogeological characterization of the northern Kilombero catchment near Ifakara, Tanzania s6kalied[at]
Loum, Janani Governing Wetlands: Wetland Management, Conflict and the Role of Institutions in Namulonge, Wakiso District, Uganda loumjanani[at]
Lukwago, Wilber Influence of plant communities on guild classifications of ground fauna within wetlands of agricultural importance wilberlukwago[at]
Maridadi, Eugene Unlocking the potential of wetlands throgh effective policy strategies: The case of the Nyabugogo and Masaka wetlands in Rwanda maridadieugene[at]
Mbeiza, Moureen Optimizing dry season tomato production in Ugandan wetlands using improved varieties and grafting mbeizamoureen[at]
Mlwisa, Alex Comprehensive assessment of catchment characterisics in relation to the microbiology of the widely harvested groundwater in Tanzania for drinking purposes mushidouglas[at]
Muchiri, Bestsheba Analysing and valuing ecosystem services in the Kilombero wetland bethsheba.muchiri[at]
Muriuki, Moses Evaluation of anthropogenic impact on the hydrology of the Ewasonarok Swamp, Kenia mos.muriuki[at]
Mutebi, Samuel The adaptability of native wetland flora to varying levels of wetland modifications: A case study of Namulonge wetland system, Uganda samuelmutebi001[at]
Mwangi, Magdalene Mutumi Analysis of Factors Influencing Resource Use Behavior and Individual Rate of Time Preference among Ewaso Narok Wetland Users, Kenya mmutumi[at]
Namuwonge, Immaculate
Residual effects of repeated manure vs. mineral fertilizer application on rice yield and soil physico-chemical properties
Namugalu, Maureen
Nitrogen recovery, use efficiency and flow pathways under wetland rice fields treated with organic and inorganic soil fertility amendments in Namulonge
Ndawula, Isaac
Effects of manure and inorganic fertilizer on soil organic matter and nitrogen uptake by maize along Namulonge wetland gradient
Ngendahayo, Emmanuel
Potential for Schistosomiasis transmission in Nyabugogo wetland
Ngolo, Peter The distribution of fungicides and acaricides in Ewas Narok wetland ecosystem: Using pollinators (honeybee) as an indicator ngolopeter[at]
Nsanzimana, Djuma Impact of spatio-temporal land-use change on wetlands in Rwanda. Case study of Nyabarongo watershed nsanzimana[at]
Nshimiyimana, Jean de Dieu Spatial variability and yield-limiting factors on maize production in Rwanda nshimiyejado1[at]
Nsubuga, Benard Developing a pilot Ecosystem Account for Wakiso District, Uganda nsubuga.benard[at]
Nyamolo, Walter Impacts of anthropogenic activities of local communities on Ewaso Narok swamp environment and adjacent lands wnyamolo[at]
Nyandika, Brenda Nyaboke
The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Agro-Pastoral Systems and Conservation of Ewaso Narok Wetland, Laikipia, Kenya
Obunga, Maurice Onyango
Effect of Land use on soil Carbon and Nitrogen pool in Ewaso Narok wetland ecosystem
Patel, Francis
Plant species as indicators of trophic conditions in the Ewaso-Narok swamp, Kenya
Przysucha, Piotr
Assessment of hydro-physical properties and development of a "false chronosequence" of anthropogenic influenced soils in wetland regions of Namulonge, Uganda
Rutayisire, Theoneste Water balance and agricultural water availability and quality in Lower Nyabarongo wetland rutayisimbi[at]
Ruvusha, Heritier Siraheri Effect of Soil Factors and Management Practices on Rice Yield siraheriruvusha[at]
Samwel, Laura Women access, ownership and use of land for agriculture in Kilombero wetland. Kilombero District, Tanzania lingasamwel[at]
Seif Kabanda, Hafidhi The value of Kilombero wetland ecosystem and the challenges in conservation and management hafidhkabanda[at]
Schnäbeli, Bernd Improvement on tomato productivity in Ugandan wetlands using adapted genotypes, grafting technique and manure s7beschn[at]
Steinbach, Stefanie Development of a classification scheme for a tropical floodplain wetland in Kilombero catchment (Tanzania) using multitemporal satellite data s6ststei[at]
Uwizeyimana, Lambert Effective land use policy strategies for sustainable use of wetlands lambertuka[at]
Veltins, Patrik
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Assessment of temporary settlements in the Kilombero floodplains, Tanzania patrik.veltins[at]
Weck, Frederik
Wetland floriculture in Kampala - An investigation of urban gardening practices frederik_weck[at]
Wedegärtner, Ricah
Hydrogeochemical background of Nyabarongo River upstream of Kigali, Rwanda: Sediment load and its provenance s6riwede[at]
Werstein, Nicole
Geochemische Analyse von Nährstoffgehalten in Reisböden in Uganda nwerstein[at]students.unimainz. de
Wieczorek, Maximilian
Spatial distribution and sources of fluoride in the groundwater of the north-eastern Kilombero floodplain, Tanzania s6mawiec[at]
Wörfel, Anna
Soil chemical characteristics of three soil profiles along a catena in the Kilomberobassin, Tanzania awoerfel[at]
Ziegler, Martin
Survey and analysis of the soil moisture dynamic of a wetland in Tanzania ziegler.bonn[at]
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